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Hi! Thanks for coming all this way :)

My work in both illustration and animation is guided by my years as a designer. With each piece, I not only try to convey a message but also solve the little layout puzzle that every encounter of graphic elements is. I think it's fun! :D

More often than not, my drawings include handwritten text but I am perfectly comfortable going without if needed. The most important aspect of any project, to me, is coherence in style and that's why I feel like approaching art with a bit of a designer's eye feels like such a good solution.

My name is Carol Machado and I go by tchaucarou online. I'm 36, born and raised in Rio and I currently live in Japan. I started designing websites professionally in 2005, worked at some of the biggest startups in Brazil and had an established digital product design career.

After a severe burnout in 2019, I started rethinking my professional efforts and since 2020 I've been focusing more and more on illustration and animation.




2d advanced animation - CG Spectrum (9mo) 2022-2023

2d animation - CG Spectrum (9mo) 2021-2022

Comics - Quanta Academia (10mo) 2021

Making Comics - Syn Studio Montréal (3mo) 2018

Visual Narrative & Storytelling - Axis VFX (3mo) 2017

Human Anatomy Drawing - Axis VFX (3mo) 2017

Illustration - Quanta Academia (1y) 2017-2018

Fine Arts School - UFRJ (1,5y) 2005-2007

Drawing workshop - SENAI (6mo) 2005


Script - Quanta Academia (15h) 2020

2d Animation Intro - Quanta Academia (15h) 2021

Drawing - Quanta Academia (15h) 2017

Digital Art - Quanta Academia (15h) 2017

Ilustration - Quanta Academia (15h) 2017

The Art Of Ink - Quanta Academia (15h) 2017

Introduction to children's illustration - Domestika 2023

Illustration Techniques - Domestika 2022

Gouache Sketchbook - Domestika 2021

Creation and development of graphic novels - Domestika 2020

Graphic Humour - Domestika 2020

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