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This sentence permeated my first years in design as I worked with WordPress. My interest in web design started at 14, on FrontPage 98 and GeoCities. Fast forward a couple of years, I was in love with what WordPress allowed me to create, and I started getting hired to install, design and maintain blog sections of websites by the time I was 17.

I was usually hired as a designer who also did front-end, a rarity in the 2010s. In 2013 I started designing Marketing campaigns at work, from concept to final deliverables. Code took a backseat, and design became the main part of my job.

In these last ten years, a lot happened: I lived in Montréal, moved to Japan, had a severe burnout, quarantined in the pandemic, got lost, and found myself again.

For these past two years, I have focused more on animation and illustration. Always guided by my way of designing things, as a designer would be my primary job description. But not the only one.

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